Director : Sachin Gupta

Producer : Sushma Gupta, Rashmi Bansal

Cast :  Susmita Mukherji,Dau Dayal Bansal,Krushal Ahuja,Emeara Kamble,Sikandar Khan

Genre : Crime Drama

Release Date : December 2017


The story of a father’s entrenched struggle to save his daughter from the society’s assualt in the name of saving the honour and grace, embedded with profound inner conflict to find what is right and what is wrong! The story of the society where honour values more than life and mind rules over the hearts. With caste and creed still making course into the minds of people in the age of love, is finding love through hearts a sin? Will he give up his struggle for the right and find his daughter worthy of death? Where does this journey to find the right bring him to- dead end in life or a new ray of hope?