Creating Stories Inspiring Worlds

Where every scene tells a story, and every story leaves a mark. Welcome to the world of cinematic wonders at Chilsag Entertainment Network.

Film Production to Distribution.

Successful Campaigns

From grassroots successes to international acclaim, our varied catalog epitomizes our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional outcomes

Film Production

Weaving narratives that captivate, our film studio pushes boundaries, amplifying voices worldwide. Crafting cinematic experiences that linger, we redefine storytelling.

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Marketing Agency

Innovative agency sculpting brand narratives, elevating artists and corporates alike through strategic marketing solutions that resonate, captivate, and drive impactful engagement.

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Empowering Talent

Empowering artists’ careers, our agency offers tailored guidance and opportunities, navigating the entertainment landscape with strategic representation and industry expertise.

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Bringing the Stage to Life

Dynamic entertainment firm orchestrating electrifying live performances and concerts, delivering unforgettable experiences that resonate with audiences worldwide.

Elevating Sounds, Inspiring Souls

Innovative music label fostering talent globally, merging genres, and amplifying voices, crafting unforgettable sonic experiences for diverse audience.

“Lights, camera, action! Join us on a journey to craft unforgettable stories. Let’s make magic together.”

Sachin Gupta

Founder & CEO

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